Omeka and the Working Comic Book Library – LIS 675 Artifact

An image of the inside of a comic book repository using Omeka


Content Management Systems were tested against seven selected criteria chosen based on extensive experience working in a comic book reference library. The systems, Drupal, Dspace, Eprints, Omeka, and Mukurtu are open-source and widely used and each offer their own benefits. However, the working comic book library requires specific functions that not all of these programs are able to handle. Ease of use from both user and administration sides, an effective tagging system, the ability to view PDF files without downloading, easy migration of data, the ability to modify applications, the ability to duplicate entries, and an easy way to modify the CSS of the repository were the seven criteria. When tested using these criteria, Omeka ended up being the most effective CMS for the comic book collection, being a familiar structure internally with an easy to understand user interface. The real strength in Omeka came with the ability to modify the program using extensive plugins, especially when paired with the ability to install and uninstall plugins with ease. With this advantage, places where Omeka lacked – inability to customize the application profile and the inability to customize the appearance of the site – were fixed within a matter of minutes. Through careful observation and practice with uploading comic issues and searching through them for specific character instances, it was concluded that Omeka is the best option for a comic book collection.

Omeka and the Working Comic Book Library